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What is a Business Course?

What is a Business Course?

These days you can find Business Courses anywhere, almost every company organizes one.

But what is a Business Course exactly?

A business course is a way that companies use to recruit top students. Often it is a multi-day event. Register for a business course can through an organization itself, however http://Business-courses.nl has a wide range in a variety of business courses offered by different companies!

After registration there is a first selection round and sometimes a second based on your cv and motivation. If you are selected to follow a business course you will get the chance to get a impression of t he company, and the other way around. The company will also get a better impression of you during the business course.

What does working at this organization mean and does the organization fit with you? A business course serves almost always as a recruitment element and often leads to further follow-up calls for internships or even jobs. Attracting new staff will be much more often a and-and-and situation. School dropouts have a job interview, and an assessment and a group assignment. Registering for a business course certainly doesn't hurt.

The Business Course

During a business course you will together with 20 à 25 other students, sometimes chosen out of hundreds applications, meet the company and work on for example a business case or participate in a group debate. What exactly does it mean?

During a business course or a group debate the contestants often get the task to make a decision in the operation of a fictitious company. By negotiating with other ‘directors’ the contestants have to come to an agreement. By means of a group discussion, a company can see how students deal with it, and whether the student suits the company.

What role do you take?

Usually, the students are rated at collaboration, analyzing, negotiating and convincing. The company will also pay attention to students that ask questions and show leadership. How can you blink out during the business course? The best way is to be pro-active. Companies find an active and interested attitude very important. Show them what you are worth. The clearer you have an image of who you are, what characterizes your identity and why it may or may not click with the company, the firmer and more authentic your-self presentation. Chances are greater that you're on a appropriate place for you where you can develop your talents.

Do not come unprepared

Anyway: on a business course you should not come unprepared. If you know you are sometimes a bit uncertain, such as in a group discussion, memorize beforehand what you could do in different situations, and make sure you have ready solutions. For example, ask people around you how they do in certain situations and learn from that.

Preparation for a business course

Participating in a business course is a great way to learn more about a company. Besides it is the ideal opportunity to profile yourself. To leave a overwhelming impression during a business course, it is important to prepare yourself well.

A Business course is exchanging information. For a company it is a way to discover great talent and to let them commit to the company. For students and starters it is the ideal opportunity to exchange information, to orientate and to see which company suits them.

Dive into the company.

Read you well in advance and know who the customers but also who are the competitors of the company. Go to the website and read the latest news and press releases so that you are aware of what is going on within the company. Also, annual reports and the annual figures by. As a result, you come directly interested about if there are any questions about any of these topics.

Self analysis

It is not only important to know the company well but to also know yourself. Know yourself, what you are capable of and what you want. Indicate what your strong and weak points are. Use your strong points during the business course and see how you can use your weak point in your advantage. For more information about how to make a self analyses you can go to this link http://business-courses.nl/sollicitatie-tips/zelfanalyse

Elevator pitch

Make sure you have a elevator pitch ready. The word says enough, an elevator pitch should be a sales talk for in the elevator. Mostly a elevator ride no longer than 60 seconds. During this time you have to present yourself and make sure curiosity arises enough to be invited for a more detailed conversation another time. Modesty does not work and try not to exaggerate. The most important thing is to be yourself.

For tips to make your own elevator pitch to can go to http://business-courses.nl/sollicitatie-tips/elevator-pitch


The First impression is very important at a business course. Make sure that you always look fresh and well. Match your clothes to the corporate culture. . In addition to your clothes your body language plays an important role in this. Practice ahead of time your body posture in front of the mirror.

Asking questions

A good preparation for a business course is to come up with questions that you can ask during the event. By asking the right questions you show that you are interested in the company. Besides that you also show that you took the time to learn more about the company.

Guiding for TalentPoolers

Business-courses.nl works for the excellent students with a TalentPool; students who have an impressive CV, a strong developed personality and a huge grow potential. Business-courses.nl is responsible for proper guidance for you to the placement at a top company. In the Netherlands there are 20 talent scouts active who register great students for the Talent Pool. Besides you can choose to send your own resume (in a word document) and to send your grading list. You can do this by registering. We will contact you soon.