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TBISustainabilty for TU/E student - Influence of users on (closing) the four loops

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Sustainabilty for TU/E student - Influence of users on (closing) the four loops

At this moment, contractor TBI is working on the realization design of Hotel Amstelkwartier. The design of the hotel has previously been awarded with a LEED Platinum certificate, which is meant to be maintained in the realization phase. The design is being documented in a Building Information Model (BIM). This model can serve as input for simulations and predictions. The building itself will be completed in 2016. 

For this project research questions have been identified. These questions can be researched as part of a Master’s thesis project, whereby guidance will be offered on part of TBI.

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Research topic

Sustainability: Influence of users on (closing) the four loops

First and foremost, Hotel Amstelkwartier was designed as a Hotel around the core phrase ‘Treating Life Well’. This is a philosophy whereby the guest journey is centralized around the theme of health for both the guest and its’ environs. This philosophy is consecutively translated to the architectural and technical design of the Hotel. As such the ambition is to optimally close the four loops: water, energy, waste and CO2. In order to close these loops several measures have already been taken, such as the reuse of grey water cycles, reducing energy consumption by the creation of a reactive façade, the reuse of waste for a BIO-CHP and the creation of a greenhouse on the roof which will use CO2 as a resource.

The sustainability ambitions of Hotel Amstelkwartier reach further than the building itself, and also include the sustainable use of the Hotel. As such we aim to gain more insight in the potential improvements regarding the design and interior design from a user’s perspective in order to further close the four loops. Through simulation techniques and the existing BIM model we wish to gain more insight into how the user can be stimulated to use the building in a more sustainable way and to prevent misuse. Reducing water consumption, energy consumption and waste production should be a logical consequence of the behavior of the guest, in addition to reducing logistical movements to reduce CO2.

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Research questions

Optimizing user behavior

The influence of behavior on the sustainability of buildings and specifically the sustainable use of buildings is an often researched topic. For Hotel Amstelkwartier there is a (limited) possibility to advise adjustments in terms of the design and interior design which can promote and facilitate sustainable use. A starting assumption hereby is that the guest can be influenced to change his or her behavior as long as it saves the guest time, brings about ease, or if it adds value for the user. This leads us to the following three research questions:

(i) How does user behavior contribute towards the closing of the four loops? Which behavioral aspects can be significantly influenced within the existing design?

(ii) How can undesirable behavior be prevented through the design of the Hotel, and which possibilities does the design offer to promote or facilitate desirable behavior? In such a way that it contributes towards further closing one of the four loops?

(iii) Which specific improvements can be offered, and which quantifiable contribution can these improvements offer to the performance level of the Hotel (in terms of the four loops).

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  • For this research you need to be a student at the Technical University of Eindhoven, for example in the field of building engineering
  • The start of this assignment is as soon as possible
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For more information about this internship or if you want to apply, click on the link below. 

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