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Philips Internship: Value chain carbon footprint

Application deadline 14-10-2014
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14-10-2014 (For Past)

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Your challenge

Are you the enthusiastic, talented intern we’re looking for?

Working at the Group Sustainability Office, one of Philips Corporate Staff Departments, you will be at the heart of a global company. Whatever your role, you will be helping implement Executive Committee decisions on Sustainability, measure performance, set company-wide standards and drive corporate initiatives and create or participate external dialogues.

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Your responsibilities

Sustainability is an explicit part of Philips’ vision, and climate change and energy efficiency drive our company’s strategy. Moreover, the larger part of Philips’ CO2 emissions originate in its value chain and stakeholders are increasingly pressuring companies to not only disclose more information regarding the carbon footprint of our value chain, but also to take action to reduce it.

Problem statement
Over the years more guidance has become available on value chain carbon foot printing. For example the World Business Council for Sustainable Development has released its Green House Gas Protocol to guide companies on scoping and/or methodology for calculating CO2 emissions in the complete value chain.

Since the use phase of our products and the purchased goods and services category are the largest in the value chain, particular attention has to be directed to them. Concerning the latter, an increasing amount of data is being collected via the CDP Supply Chain program. How can this be used to proactively reduce the value chain carbon footprint?

Goal of the internship
The goal of the internship is to find an answer to amongst others the following questions:
· How can Philips gain more insight and transparency on the emissions in Scope 3 categories (value chain) that are currently not yet reported on?
· How can relevance of a category be best determined and which of the 15 categories are relevant to Philips?
· How can the input data for scope 3 reporting be collected and, verified?

Furthermore you will be working on automating the analysis of supplier sustainability rating using the CDP Supply Chain data.

For the categories found to be relevant, establish a calculation methodology taking into account the limitations of currently available information sources and the need for it to be repeatable on a semi-annual basis with limited resources and within a strict timeframe.

Also develop a supplier sustainability scorecard and define how to use this in our engagement strategy regarding the suppliers’ energy efficiency.

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Your team

As one of the Philips Corporate staff functions, the Group Sustainability Office (GSO) is responsible for trend analysis and benchmarking on social and ecological parameters, providing guidance to the process of stakeholder management, preparing policy and action programs and driving its implementation (e.g. EcoVision), monitoring and reporting and providing functional leadership to the sector and regional Sustainability Directors and their networks across the globe. The GSO often initiates and coordinates those activities with the divisional Sustainability Directors and employees from other functions, drives the execution of the company's sustainability action programs, and provides coordination at the Philips Group level. One of the products that the GSO also delivers is the Sustainability content of the Philips Annual Report, for which dedicated web based ‘in the cloud’ monitoring systems are applied. The Philips Annual Report contains information about Philips' sustainability performance of the previous year and targets for the next year(s).

Our offer

You will be working at the heart of sustainability within Philips. Your results will have a direct and visible impact on one of the key reporting metrics used within and outside Philips to track its progress on sustainability. Your colleagues have a widespread of educational and geographical background and are absolute experts in their field.

· The assignment is suitable for a thesis and can also be performed to gain working experience
· The duration of the assignment is 5 months
· We prefer students able to start as soon as possible, not later than November 2014

Internship conditions:
· Students on work placement or final-year study assignment are paid a work placement or final-year study assignment allowance.
· A student on a work placement or final-year study assignment is paid an allowance towards rented accommodation, depending on his/her situation. This will be determined setting up the Intern Contract.
· A student on work placement or final-year study assignment who can prove that he/she is not entitled to a student card for public transport (OV-studentenkaart) is paid an allowance to cover the cost of travel between home and the place of work in accordance with the Conditions of Employment Guideline.
· The student is entitled to paid leave on the basis of 1 day per month.
· Opportunity to buy Philips products with tax benefit (Philips MyShop)

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We are looking for

To be successful in this internship we are looking for you:

· Currently studying towards your Bachelor HBO (BBA) / Bachelor of Science/Master of science WO (Bsc./Msc.) in:
o Business Administration
o Business Informatics
o (International) Business Management
o Mathematics
o Technology
o Supply Chain Management

· knowledge of a wide variety of business processes and affinity with software applications
· have strong analytical skills, are able to work in a multi-stakeholder environment, and are a good team player
· flexible, eager to learn and show affinity with sustainability
· speak and write English fluently.

If you recognize yourself in this profile and would like to take this challenge, we invite you to apply 14-10-2014 at the latest!

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Required documents in order for us to continue with your application:
· Student registration form (Proof of enrollment at your current education)
· Resume
· Cover Letter outlining your motivation and informing your availability

Please note that in order to be considered for an internship, it should be compulsory (for students outside EU/EER) by your education and you need to be registered as a student during the entire internship period. Formal documentation of which may be requested at any time.

Please note that the contents of our regular internship assignments are not suitable for professionals (and/or MBA students) with professional work experience.

For questions regarding the procedure of this Internship please contact: (you can only apply via the internet website)

Hans Annink
Internship Coordinator
Tel: +31 (0)6 21142035 / +31 (0)40 2782253

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