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Philips Internship: Sensors based intelligent system with a personal care appliance

Application deadline 01-02-2015
Start date 02-03-2015
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01-02-2015 (For Past)


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Your challenge

Are you the enthusiastic, talented intern we’re looking for?
For the department Innovation Team, Male Grooming (MG) within Philips Consumer Lifestyle (CL) we are looking for a student MSc who can help us look at diverse solution spaces on the use of sensors with personal grooming appliances.

The essential focus within Male Grooming appliances is in ensuring that the consumer gets his grooming routine done with ease and confidence. To this end, several concepts are being explored as part of the Technology roadmaps. The proposed project is exploratory in nature and allows the student to implement his/her ideas in several ways. An intelligent device is characterized by providing feedback to the user before, during and after use. At the core of this project is to explore user relevant solution spaces with the multi-modal sensors of the Kinect v2 sensor (from Microsoft) and a hair grooming appliance.

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Your responsibilities

· Investigate via a Kinect v2 setup and the SDKs to analyze face models, coordinate system mapping, classify gestures and study the various data streams from the Kinect sensors in the scope of a grooming appliance.

· Define and develop relevant data streams based on the multi-modal sensors for face tracking and face recognition
· Evaluate interaction of sensors with the appliance in real-time
· Recognition of turns or rotations of the appliance during usage over the face
· Creating an API relevant for a personal care appliance based on current SDK
· Explore feasibility of classifying gestures and mapping user routines into a database during use of the appliance and perhaps other useful functionality

· Expected end results are of a system that is like a multi-sensor GPS wherein the appliance travels across a corresponding face map.
· New knowledge about using sensors with Personal care appliances
· Recommendations towards the use of multi-modal sensors as an enabler for consumer reassurance

Deliverables/performance expectations
· An entrepreneurial and independent attitude.
· A structured way of working
· Intrinsically motivated to explore and define solutions

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Your team

The student will be part of the Innovation Team, Male Grooming. This is part of the Personal Care category along with Shaving in the I&D (Innovation & Development) teams within the CL sector of Philips.

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Our offer

You gain experience within the Innovation projects of Personal Care products. You gain experience in setting up and executing of a research plan. You gain experience in working together in multifunctional teams. We provide an initial test setup of the sensor and facilitate possibilities for improvement and extension and you will support from experts in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and optics.
· It can be discussed to make this internship assignment suitable to do your thesis.
· Duration: 6 – 9 months
· We prefer students able to start as soon as possible, but not later than March 2015

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Internship conditions

· Students on work placement or final-year study assignment are paid a work placement or final-year study assignment allowance.
· A student on a work placement or final-year study assignment is paid an allowance towards rented accommodation, depending on his/her situation. This will be determined setting up the Intern Contract.
· A student on work placement or final-year study assignment who can prove that he/she is not entitled to a student card for public transport (OV-studentenkaart) is paid an allowance to cover the cost of travel between home and the place of work in accordance with the Conditions of Employment Guideline.
· The student is entitled to paid leave on the basis of 1 day per month.
· Opportunity to buy Philips products with tax benefit (Philips MyShop)

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We are looking for

To be successful in this internship we are looking for you:
Currently studying towards your Master of Science (WO) in:
o Computer Science
o Electrical Engineering
o Applied Mathematics
· Language level: English (good)
· Enthusiastic, creative and willing to learn
· Good programming skills in either C++, C# or Java
· Experience with OpenCV or other computer vision libraries
If you recognize yourself in this profile and would like to take this challenge, we invite you to apply 01-02-2015 at the latest!

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Required documents in order for us to continue with your application:
· Student registration form (Proof of enrollment at your current education)
· Resume
· Cover Letter outlining your motivation and informing your availability
Please note that in order to be considered for an internship, it should be compulsory (for students outside EU/EER) by your education and you need to be registered as a student during the entire internship period. Formal documentation of which may be requested at any time.
Please note that the contents of our regular internship assignments are not suitable for professionals (and/or MBA students) with professional work experience.

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For questions regarding the procedure of this Internship please contact: (you can only apply via the internet website)
Hans Annink
Internship Coordinator
Tel: +31 (0)6 21142035

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