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Writing a CV

What is a curriculum Vitae?

In a curriculum vitae or in short cv a summary has been made of a person’s life, with the focus on educational achievements and work experience. This way the potential employer can see what you have done with your life. Curriculum vitae in Latin means life course.

Curriculum vitae in Latin means life course.

Content curriculum vitae?

Personal data

On top of the cv there are your personal date:

  • First – and last name;
  • Address;
  • Phone number;
  • Mail address
  • Place of birth;
  • Kind of drivers license

Work experience

If you follow jobs and internships it this is important that you put this in a specific order. Put the last course at the top and first followed course on the bottom, this will give a clear picture.

  • The title of your function;
  • The company name and place;
  • Date when you worked there;
  • Description of your function;
  • Most important tasks and responsibilities;
  • Achieved results.


State all your studies, courses and trainings. Just as with work experience usually the last training is on top and the first in at the bottom.

  • the name of the program;
  • the name of the school or educational institution;
  • the place;
  • When you have completed the training;
  • specialization and / or discipline;
  • obtained diploma or certificate..

It's possible that you indicate your education first and then your work experience.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are activities you do besides work. And lets you gain extra experience and knowledge. If these are interesting to note, do so, it gives a better picture of you as a person.

  • You sit in a committee of a student.
  • You do volunteer work.
  • You coach a football team.

Skills and competences

It is important that you indicate where you are good and which are important in your future field of work. Also indicate what your strengths are. Below are some examples:

    • computer skills (Office, Photoshop);
    • machines where you can work with it;
    • languages ​​you speak both speaking and writing, and at what level;
    • properties (eg, ambitious, creative, accurate).

Interests and hobbies

It does not necessarily need to mention your interests and hobbies as well but it gives a better picture of you.

Useful Tips

    • Be distinctive from the rest, most personal are boring and standard. You might take a picture and apply color to your resume. Make sure your resume stands out more than the rest, but do not overdo it in here.
    • Show what makes you unique. Try not to look like the rest and lets just see where you excel.