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Letter of motivation

An important part of your application is to prepare your résumé and letter motivation. With junior positions, employers first read the letter of motivation. So that letter can really make a difference! The letter is intended as introduction of your résumé , as supplement of your résumé and a way to provide extra information about yourself.

To write a good letter of motivation is a lot of work and most of the time it is not necessary to write a new letter for every new vacancy. It is best to invest in one good letter as a basis and to adapt it to the vacancies. 

Paragraph 1
To get attention: your letter has to stand out from all the other letters. Make a good impression and give your motivation for writing. When you are not applying for a specific vacancy, describe the kind of job you are looking for.

Paragraph 2
To get them interested: name your unique selling points; what are your qualifications and why should they hire you? This is the most important part of the letter: this is where the employer decides if he will continue to look at your résumé or not.

Make them desire you: make them want to meet you. Interest is not enough to invite you for an interview or business course. Give examples of the named qualifications, why are you unique? What is so special about your motivation? What are your accomplishments?

The second paragraph should be adapted to the company and vacancy.

Paragraph 3
Stimulate to take action: round up with a motivation to take action: inviting you for an interview or business course. The ending of your letter will move the reader. You can also take action yourself: write that you will contact them in a period of time.

Useful recommendations

  •  Save your information

 Make copies of all the material you send out and save it. It can take a couple of weeks or even months before a company gives you a reaction. When you have an interview, know all the materials you send them.

  • Formal

Keep your letter formal and make sure that your letter suits your résumé.