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Elevator Pitch

What is a Elevator Pitch?

During a elevator Pitch you present yourself or your idea short and powerful and show what your qualities and talent you have. The intention is to in short time (about 60 seconds) to sell your ideas and to leave a lasting impression.

The word ' Elevator Pitch ' comes from the United States and was used by entrepreneurs to sell their idea in the time the lift from the bottom to the top floor.

What belongs in a Elevator Pitch?

Make sure that there is a clear content and structure in the short presentation that you give. As a result, you make it clear for yourself what information you want to transfer.


  • Who are you?
  • What is your idea (solution)
  • What distinct you from the rest? (advantages)
  • What do you want from the listener?



A way to do the Elevator Pitch according to the AIDA-structure. With this structure you can build content.

Attention:       The purpose of this is to draw the attention of the public.

Interest:         Try to expose the positive aspects of yourself or your idea.

Desire:            Let the audience desire for your idea and sell yourself

Action:            Convince the public of the value that you add to the organization


It is highly important that you wear appropriate clothing when you present the Elevator Pitch. Check beforehand on the website of the company what their style is. This will assure that you will get a good image of the company and how they present themselves to the outside world. This way you will be more confident and this will show because you are dresses the right way.

The colors that you pick say something about yourself, take for example Barack Obama, he wants to radiate vigor and with a red tie with a blue tie reliability would radiate. With your clothing choice you leave a certain impression behind.

Useful tips

 1.    Tantalizing opening

  • Consider a provocative opening. Nobody want to listen to an enumeration Try to tell it like a story this way it remains interesting for the listener.


 2.    Unique features

  • Make a list of attributes that identify you as a person and cross off clichés so you are left with only the unique and honest qualities.
  • Highlight one or two of these characteristics by means of an example.


 3.    Call to action

  • Provide a 'call to action. Got a website? Wrap this in your pitch so you can take a look at your website. Listener


 4.    No abrupt end

  • It is useful to your Elevator Pitch to finish with a question, so you avoid the conversation stops. It also gives your audience the opportunity to go into the story that you have.