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Thesis tips

Here you can find tips useful for your thesis. Here is an example: ‘What do you have to pay attention to while writing your thesis?’ and many more tips that can help you


  • before graduation, it is important to know what the requirements are to graduate, check with your school to the requirements and conditions
  • Read the requirements before you start so you know what to do 
  • When graduating at a company, then it is important that you on time begins with the search for a company 


Time management

  • create a planning, this may help you to structure 
  • work with an agenda where you can keep your appointments noted, tasks/to do's in at you can jot down on a separate list 
  • a to do list and keep up to date is very important, so you'll easily keep overview 


Graduation at a company 

  • When you graduate at a company is good to make clear agreements in advance
  •  it is important that both sides know what the graduation project is about.