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Flow Traders is looking for IT staff to support our business and its growth strategies. We are not making it easy for ourselves though.  We don't just want to hire IT skills.  We want to hire those rare jewels of the IT industry, namely IT Talent with strong personalities.  We are looking for creative people that can also function within our risk-free structure.  We are looking for perfectionists who actually manage to get things done.  And to make it just a little harder on ourselves, applicants need a thick skin and a love of pressure.
As an applicant, you should be geeky yet bold, off-the-wall yet structured, and a perfectionist who actually manages to get things done. 
If you can't sleep at night until you've worked out why you're measuring 0.000001% packet loss between your NIC capture and your OS capture, read on.
From our experience, the perks far outweigh the effort.  We let you purchase whatever tools you need to help us generate P&L.  We take you on holiday once a year.  We let you travel between offices. We have an open bar. We offer great technical challenges in a fast paced environment where people are ambitious, driven and love teamwork. Basically, we do everything we can to make your life sweet. 
You will start your career on our support desk.  The requests for assistance will fly at you from each and every direction.
You will need to work your socks off in your Flow career, because 12 months later if you have shown the team that you are more than capable, more than willing, and generally top notch, you'll then be presented with the opportunity to move to a more specialist area.  That is, only if you want to.  Some folks simply don't want to leave the support desk. It is the hotbed of activity and the main hub of almost everything that goes on during the trading day.  It is undoubtedly where the action is.  You'll be exposed to Software, Hardware, Operating Systems, Networking.  You name it, you'll need to fix it. 
Hopefully by now you've realized we're presenting you with a challenge!

If you are interested please apply with a convincing motivation letter so we can consider you for this opportunity. 

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Terms of employment

Flow Traders offers you an exciting job and lots of opportunities within the most dynamic of environments with an excellent compensation package. We like to think that talent grows at Flow and stays at Flow. To ensure this, we provide our employees with the best working environment, the latest technology, continuous support, and we go out of our way to retain the small business feeling with which we started. We offer a competitive salary and reserve a percentage of our business results for our bonus pool.

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