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Application deadline 06-08-2015



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06-08-2015 (For Past)




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A challenging opportunity for a highly qualified expert in semiconductor process technology to enhance customer satisfaction and influence new product development.

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Job Description

As an Application Engineer in the ASML ABS department you’ll have two major consultancy roles. Firstly, in conjunction with input from ASML’s Development and Engineering (D&E) department, you’ll take responsibility for determining solutions to customer-related lithography problems that have escalated beyond the technical capabilities of ASML’s on-site customer support engineers. Secondly, you’ll be responsible for new product introductions, including educating on-site service/support engineers about ASML’s new products.
Your role in escalation and problem solving is not to provide hardware/software support. In fact, you’ll only start working on a customer’s problem once our first- and second-line support engineers report that all the hardware and software is working as it should. Starting from this premise, you’ll use your accumulated knowledge, expertise and analytical skills to analyze if and why the combination of our equipment and the customer’s process is not delivering the required yield. Leveraging your powers of investigation and your network of contacts within the company, and driven by the determination to never give up, you’ll then provide the consultancy services needed to fine tune the equipment and the process in order to resolve yield issues.
You’ll provide a similar level of consultancy during ASML’s new product introduction process, visiting customers after new systems are fully installed to optimally fit them into the customer’s production process and fine-tuning them for optimum performance. A highly skilled communicator, you’ll also be responsible for training the local organization so that our on-site engineers can provide ongoing customer support. In particular, the forthcoming introduction of next-generation lithography equipment will pose a significant challenge and learning curve.
In addition to the primary responsibilities detailed above, your responsibilities will also include:

  • Running performance improvement projects in cooperation with customers and translating the results into improvement specifications for ASML’s development department
  • Contributing your expertise on customer technology requirements to new development projects

As an Application Engineer in ASML’s ABS department, you report directly to one of the department’s group leaders.

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A Masters degree or PhD in Physics, Optics, Electronics, Micro-electronics, Chemical Engineering or IC manufacturing.

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  • A minimum of 1 - 2 years experience in an IC manufacturing environment with a strong emphasis on lithography and the application of imaging and overlay solutions in semiconductor production processes 


  • Experience in a university research group or research institute working on semiconductor manufacturing technology
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Personal Skills

  • The drive and determination to bring projects to successful conclusions
  • Excellent investigative and analytical skills
  • Strong customer focus
  • The ability to organize and influence without power
  • Excellent multi-cultural communication skills plus adequacy in the English language (spoken and written)
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Context of the Position

ASML’s Customer Support Engineering (CSE) sector ensures that ASML’s customers are supported efficiently by providing knowledge/technical services to on-site personnel in countries such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan and undertaking specialist engineering work at customer sites. Within the CSE sector, the Application & Business Support (ABS) department supports the effective use of ASML machines in the customer’s production process.

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Other Information

Willingness to travel internationally (up to 30%)
Please note that this is a highly demanding yet challenging and rewarding job that involves continuous professional and personal development. If you meet the above requirements and consider yourself to have the right combination of technical, analytical and personal skills, apply now by clicking on the button below.

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